Drinking and Shrinking

A change is about to happen in drinking because the world of wine grapes is shrinking. According to a recent University of Adelaide study, in 2000, the top 35 grape varieties in the world made up 59% of the world’s vineyards. Just ten years later in 2010, those top 35 grape varieties made up 66% of the world’s wine grape growing area. In particular, French varieties like cabernet sauvignon have grown in dominance (thanks in part to their adoption in the New World). In 2000, just 26% of the world’s wine grape acreage was devoted to French varieties. By 2010, it was 36%. Here are the ten top most widely planted grapes today 1) Cabernet Sauvignon; 2) Merlot; 3) Airen; 4) Tempranillo; 5) Chardonnay; 6) Syrah; 7) Grenache/Garnacha; 8) Sauvignon Blanc; 9) Trebbiano Toscano; 10) Pinot Noir.

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