An individual or firm that buys grapes and/or ready-made wine from growers and/or cooperatives. The négociant then blends, bottles, labels, and sells the wine under its own brand or name. The first négociant houses were… Continue reading


Black or very dark red; said of both grapes and wines.

New World

A descriptive term encompassing all of those wine-producing countries that do not belong to the OLD WORLD. The most important New World wine producers are the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, and… Continue reading

Noble Rot



When applied to Champagne, a blend of wines from different vintage years. (A more correct term would be multivintage). The majority of Champagnes are nonvintage. By comparison, most still wines today carry a vintage.


The smell of a wine, including both the AROMA from the grape and the BOUQUET from AGING.


A young wine meant for immediate drinking, usually seven to ten weeks after being made. The most famous wine made in a nouveau style is Beaujolais Nouveau.