A wine that has been fermented and aged in stainless steel or concrete tanks, barrels, or eggs, instead of oak. This style gives the wine more clarity and purity of fruit.




A softer, lighter type of GRAPPA achieved by distilling actual grapes rather than POMACE.

Ullage (ULL-edge)

Ullage is the space that develops near the neck and shoulder inside a wine bottle or container because wine has been lost through leakage or evaporation. In a bottle with significant ullage, the wine will… Continue reading


Used to describe a wine that has not been FILTERED to clarify it and remove any unwanted yeasts or bacteria. Winemakers who believe that filtering strips wine of some flavors and texture may leave their… Continue reading


A wine that has not gone through FINING to remove large particulate matter and some tannins. As with FILTERING, many winemakers believe fining can harm the flavor and texture of the wine. An unfined wine… Continue reading