Wine Versus Food

(In Surprising and Important Ways)

For the last 8,000 years, wine’s closest companion has been food. Indeed, the two are so close that they are often thought of as inseparable. In Italy for example, when someone drinks too much, they… Continue reading

The Eagle Doesn’t Scream

A Visit to Screaming Eagle

A recent morning tasting Screaming Eagle has convinced me of one thing: it doesn’t scream. But it does soar with such an incredible lightness of being it hardly seems corporeal. I was more than impressed… Continue reading

Bubble Rap: Prosecco

Becoming a Pet Peeve of the Wine World?

Lately I’ve been in countless restaurants that start pouring prosecco when I ask for a glass of Champagne. I like good prosecco. But offering prosecco in place of Champagne is like suggesting a tofu patty… Continue reading

Drinking the Least Bad Wine

Desperate times call for desperate drinking

A Guest Blog by Kelli White Note from Karen: My friend Kelli White is a sommelier and author. Her book “Napa Valley, Then & Now” is one of the definitive texts on Napa Valley wines.… Continue reading

Your Wine Freedom

Did you know that 36 states don’t allow wine to be shipped to you from wine stores or retailers that aren’t located in your state? That means that when I or anyone else recommends a… Continue reading

How to Marry Rich
(And How to Help)

By Karen MacNeil Dungeness Crab season has just opened—the first time it’s opened before Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember. And just in the nick of time, because I need to drink some… Continue reading

Should You Give Your Kids Wine?

In the Napa Valley where I live, most kids taste wine. I remember my own daughter—at 4 years old–sitting at the dinner table one night. She swirled her milk, sniffed it, smiled and said matter-of-factly:… Continue reading

Beyond Seduction

Wine has often been the beverage of seduction, no surprise there. But the other day, I read a fascinating study which that suggests that a person’s behavior when drunk is similar to that of a person… Continue reading