Drinking the Least Bad Wine

A Guest Blog by Kelli White Note from Karen: My friend Kelli White is a sommelier and author. Her book “Napa Valley, Then & Now” is one of the definitive texts on Napa Valley wines.… Continue reading

Should Wine and Food Get Divorced?

Since its origin approximately 8,000 years ago, wine has always had a constant companion: food. For most of European history, little distinction was drawn between the two. Wine was food.  It was as intimate a… Continue reading

The Sex Life of Wine Grapes

Right now, there’s a lot of sex in the vineyards. Strictly between the grapes of course. Cultivated vines are hermaphroditic (the reproductive organs of both sexes are simultaneously present). Thus, come spring, grapevines pollinate themselves.… Continue reading


THE NRA WINE CLUB—LOCKED AND LOADED A Guest Blog by the HoseMaster Note from Karen: The HoseMaster is the funniest satirist writing about wine in the world today. Every one of his columns is hilarious,… Continue reading

Pink in Its Prime

By Karen MacNeil March 2, 2018 Does rosé wine age? I have to say I hadn’t thought much about this until WineSpeed reader Seibatu Hughes from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France wrote in and inquired. I’ve… Continue reading

Why Wine Matters

By Karen MacNeil February 16, 2018 This Sunday is National Wine Day. In honor of that, I thought I’d amend my piece Why Wine Matters which forms the Introduction to the second edition of The… Continue reading

Your Wine Freedom

Did you know that 36 states don’t allow wine to be shipped to you from wine stores or retailers that aren’t located in your state? That means that when I or anyone else recommends a… Continue reading

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