What are fisckariedd, strozzapreti, and corzetti?

A. Italian cordials (often homemade) produced from fermented fruits, barks, and spices

B. Ancient Sicilian vegetables once thought to have gone extinct

C. Types of specialty dried pasta

D. Rare cheeses that are specialties of the wine regions that ring the Italian Alps


There are well over 100 different shapes of pasta, which come dried or fresh. All of the pastas in the question are dried. Fisckariedd are the leftover cuts after other forms of pasta are made. These leftover pieces are dried and then tossed into soups. Strozzapreti are tightly rolled short ropes. The name translates as “strangle the priest.” And corzetti are large flat disks which can be stamped with a logo or other mark. They are usually served with a sauce or in a soup.

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