Which of the following foods first became popular in the United States during Prohibition?

A. Hot Dogs

B. Hoover Stew

C. Ice Cream

D. Donuts


Ice cream. In 1920 the Volstead Act was passed by Congress, prohibiting the “manufacturing and sale” of alcohol. The law caused many adults to look for alternatives to wine, beer, and spirits. Advancements in refrigeration had occurred simultaneously with the ban on alcohol, so with no beer to keep cool, ice cream became the number one tasty treat of the Prohibition Era. It has been estimated that between 1920 and 1929, ice cream consumption grew 40% in the United States. Prohibition also sparked new innovations in the ice cream world—single-serve frozen treats like the Eskimo Pie and the first ice cream bar on a stick from Good Humor were invented to meet the new demand for ice cream treats in public spaces.

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