According to restaurant industry experts, which of the following is one of the “Seven Annoying Things You’re Doing in a Restaurant?”

A. Comparing the food or dish at the restaurant you are in to the food/dish at another restaurant

B. Asking for lots of substitutions and asking for just about everything “on the side”

C. Grabbing the wine bottle and topping up glasses of wine yourself before the server can get to it

D. Asking the server what he or she “really does” for a profession


While B,C, and D certainly aggravate servers, industry experts interviewed by Travel & Leisure magazine say that one of the seven “deadly sins” committed by diners is comparing the food at the restaurant they are in, to the food at another restaurant. When asked this, some servers say they’re tempted to respond: well why don’t you just go to the other restaurant then? The other six don’t-do’s are: snapping your fingers to get attention, making unsolicited physical contact with staff, chatting on the cell phone, sitting down at a dirty table before staff have a chance to clean it, complaining about the weather, and not honoring reservations.

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