Which of the following appellations is NOT found in the southern Rhône?

A. Gigondas

B. Vacqueyras

C. St. Joseph

D. Beaumes de Venise


St. Joseph is the largest of the northern Rhône AOCs and is home to syrah and the white varietals roussanne and marsanne. All of the other regions are in the southern Rhône. Gigondas (JEE-gon-dahs) is a hot region protected by the Dentelle Mountains from the Mistral, the infamous, fierce, cold winds that blow from the north. Vacqueryras (VAH-kay-rahs)—Latin for “Valley of the Rocks”—lies next to Gigondas and is dominated by grenache. Beaumes de Venise (BOME deh veh-KNEES) is an ancient region, settled by the Greeks and home to the famous sweet wine “Muscat de Beaumes de Venise.”

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