The “Classico” in Chianti Classico refers to:

A. The fact that classic methods and classic varieties are used to produce the wine

B. The fact that the wine was once reserved for the nobility of Florence

C. The fact that the region was the historic center of Chianti production

D. The fact that the wine is tasted by a panel of experts who certify its quality and character as being top level or “classic”


The Chianti Classico is the original, small, hilly, central area in which the richest, fullest Chianti is produced. The uniqueness of the region was underscored when it was given a DOCG, or Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, of its own in 1984. The very best Chianti Classicos have plum and dried cherry flavors and sometimes a touch of salt and spice.

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