In Disney’s The Parent Trap (1998), vintner Nick Parker (played by Dennis Quaid) walks around his wine cellar with his ex-wife Elizabeth James (played by Natasha Richardson). While the two reminisce, he shows her some prized bottles from his collection. Which of the following bottles does he say he served at their wedding?

A. Burgundy from 1986

B. Bordeaux from 1986

C. A bottle labeled “When Dreams come true”

D. A bottle labeled “Where Dreams have no end”


In the movie, Nick and Elizabeth meet and get married during an ocean cruise in 1986. Eleven years later, while walking around Nick’s (rather-small- for-a-vintner) wine cellar, he shows Elizabeth a bottle of the wine that was served at their wedding, labeled “Where Dreams have no end.” In real life, this name was used by Italian wine producer Jermann who made a white wine from chardonnay grapes called “Where Dreams have no end” from 1987 to 1995, before changing the name to “W… Dreams… … …”

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