Which South American wine-producing region called “the land of good sunshine and good wine” is known for having almost no rain?

A. Casablanca Valley, Chile

B. Mendoza, Argentina

C. Colchagua Valley, Chile

D. Serra Gaúcha, Brazil


Mendoza. (Was this too easy?) Mendoza’s vineyards sit against the eastern slope of the Andes Mountains at altitudes ranging from 2900 to 5200 feet above sea level. The mountains wring out most of the moisture from storms before the rain can reach the vineyards. Therefore, grapevines in Mendoza rely almost entirely on irrigation, and Argentine growers control water precisely to regulate the vines’ growth. (This also helps to assure good quality). Interestingly, the city of Mendoza also depends on a unique irrigation: Cement-lined shallow canals carry snowmelt from the mountains to neighborhoods throughout the city.

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