What is Elegance in Wine?

I often hear people say a wine is elegant; and I describe certain wines that way too. But what is elegance in wine? If you look up elegance in the dictionary, the synonyms are grace, style,… Continue reading

The New Four-Letter Word: Ripe

The wine industry’s new four letter word is ripe. Listen to any vintner or winemaker talk about their style of wine, and no matter what that style actually is, the resulting wine is said to… Continue reading

Pinot Hits New Heights

California Pinot Noir

I once asked Luke Smith, owner/winemaker of Howling Bluff winery in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia what it was like to make pinot noir. He paused for a moment then said, “Making pinot is… Continue reading

Should You Give Your Kids Wine?

In the Napa Valley where I live, most kids taste wine. I remember my own daughter—at 4 years old–sitting at the dinner table one night. She swirled her milk, sniffed it, smiled and said matter-of-factly:… Continue reading

The Best Simple White?

Donnafugata SurSur

“We think grillo (GREE-yo) will be the next pinot grigio.” That was Antonio Rallo talking. Rallo is the winemaker and the CEO of Sicily’s Donnafugata winery and an expert on indigenous Sicilian varieties. Grillo, he… Continue reading

The Worst Match Ever—Wine and Chocolate

It may sound romantic—even inspired—but as marriages go, wine and chocolate are a match made in hell (or in the depths of the marketing department). Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming up. But unless you want… Continue reading

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