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If you’ve ever picked up The Wine Bible, you know it’s hefty (2.5 pounds) and long (1,000 pages). It took me ten years to write the first edition; five years to write the second.

Even though I’m getting twice as fast, I thought it would be fun to “turn the binoculars around” and create a vehicle that would deliver great wine information quickly—faster, in fact, than the time it takes to open a bottle of wine. (Maybe screwcaps excepted).

That’s WineSpeed. It’s high-speed wine intel, and it comes directly to your inbox every Friday morning. We debuted a homespun version in late 2015 and launched officially in 2016.

Don’t expect crop reports, vintage assessments, or grape pest advisories. WineSpeed’s content is curated to be curiously interesting to anyone who likes drinking and eating. In fact, though it takes just seconds to read WineSpeed, our team of researchers spends hours researching, writing, and fact-checking it.

WineSpeed is composed of numerous bites of information, from Wines to Know, Fascinating Facts, and Wine Quiz to The Wine Clip video, The Oh No Department, Wine Words and Verbatim. When the subject needs it, it gets a little longer space in The WineSpeed Blog.

I hope you’ll find WineSpeed the best, fastest source of great wine information around.

—Karen MacNeil, Founder and Editor-in-Chief;

Kare MacNeil & Co

Karen MacNeil is the only American to have won every major wine award given in the English language. These include the James Beard award for Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year, the Louis Roederer award for Best Consumer Wine Writing, and the International Wine and Spirits award as the Global Wine Communicator of the Year.  In a full-page profile on her, TIME Magazine called Karen “America’s Missionary of the Vine.” In 2018, Karen was named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the Wine.” Karen is the author of The Wine Bible, the best-selling wine book in the U.S. She gives speeches and seminars on wine to groups around the world. Her Napa Valley-based company, Karen MacNeil & Company, creates customized wine experiences for individuals and corporations. Karen is the creator and Chair Emeritus of the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies at the Culinary Institute of America. More about her can be found at www.karenmacneil.com.




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