Why Wine Matters

By Karen MacNeil February 16, 2018 This Sunday is National Wine Day. In honor of that, I thought I’d amend my piece Why Wine Matters which forms the Introduction to the second edition of The… Continue reading

Your Wine Freedom

Did you know that 36 states don’t allow wine to be shipped to you from wine stores or retailers that aren’t located in your state? That means that when I or anyone else recommends a… Continue reading

Age Can Be Mindblowing—Here’s Why

Of wine, it is often said that with age comes beauty. And one might add—expense. A bottle of Chateau Margaux 2000 (which is probably drinking exquisitely as it approaches its 18th birthday) is now about… Continue reading

Women and the Wine Industry

I want to end 2017 with the most important piece I’ve written all year: Beyond the Wine Glass—A New Glass Ceiling?  This article appears in the current edition of Somm Journal along with photos of… Continue reading

The Ascent of Elegance

Sometimes a word begins to creep ever more insistently into the wine zeitgeist. It’s happening now. The word is elegance. I’ve written before about elegance in wine, but the topic continues to intrigue me—perhaps because… Continue reading

Syrah, Unleashed

Like the kind of guy who wears cowboy boots with a tuxedo, syrah has a certain manly-yet-classy appeal.  In fact, at the turn of the twentieth century, the British scholar and wine writer George Saintsbury… Continue reading

What Is a Sexy Wine?

Last week, WineSpeed reader Terry R. from Lincoln, California, wrote in with a question I’d never been asked before. Terry said, “I’ve seen you and other writers use the term ‘sexy wine.’ What exactly is… Continue reading


Wine is connection. It’s a bridge to friendship, sometimes in the most improbable ways. Like the November 17th edition of WineSpeed which brought together two respected men in the wine industry who discovered a special… Continue reading

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