Wine Evaluation System Example

The first evaluation system I encountered when I was starting out in wine was the 20-point system. Essentially various aspects of the wine were awarded a certain number of points out of 20. Color got… Continue reading

California Chardonnay—Walking the Talk?

In the United States, the popularity of big, oaky California Chardonnays led, in the late 1990s, to a still-thriving counter-movement called ABC—Anything But Chardonnay. Today, scores of California winemakers hammer on about the importance of… Continue reading

The New Super Sauvignons

One of the most exciting developments in wine over the last several years has been the emergence of a whole new class of California Sauvignon Blancs—wines that are bright, minerally, sophisticated, and complex, often with a ravishing… Continue reading

Why Don’t I Love Beaujolais More?

I should. Gamay can be a fantastic grape. And the best cru Beaujolais’ have lots of what I love in wine—precision, freshness, structure, aliveness, a core of addictively delicious fruit. But somehow I never seem… Continue reading

Trunk and Disorderly

The biomolecular archeologist Patrick McGovern has said, “We are set up as biological creatures to drink alcohol. Biology, chemistry, genetics, ancient texts, art, ethnography, and archeology all support this.”   Other animals in particular have… Continue reading


For this holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of books, gadgets, and gear to gift to the wine lovers in your life. Check our top picks for 2021 below:   KLOVEO Professional Grade Champagne Stopper… Continue reading

Why Wine Moves Us

Guest Blog by Steph Dutton I’ve always been very aware of the number of variables attached to any wine by the time it reaches the bottle.  Sunshine hours, aspect, viticultural intervention, water supply, the natural… Continue reading

Tasting Champagne By Myself

drinking Champagne in front of the computer

A Guest Blog By Terry Theise I had a report to file. I’d been tasting wines from my portfolio (which the growers had been kind enough to send me) and suddenly there was the first… Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas Onward

by The WineSpeed Team

The 12 Days of Christmas have been celebrated in Europe since before the Middle Ages. They begin with Christmas Day and continue until the evening of January 5th, which marks the arrival of the Magi—the… Continue reading

Karen’s 2020 Wine of the Year

I tasted a lot of great wine in 2020, despite it being one of the worst years imaginable for so many of us. And more than in past years, the pandemic meant I also raided… Continue reading