Which of the following is an actual specialty food/drink?

A. Canned Beaver

B. Squid Milk

C. Fried Beer

D. Alligator Tacos


Fried beer was created in Texas (logically enough) in 2010 by a beer lover named Mark Zable, according to Gastro Obscura. Fried beer is not, as one might think, a batter made with beer which is then fried. That would be too easy. Zable concocted a method (using Guinness) to keep the beer liquid while frying the pretzel dough encasing it. Each liquid beer-filled nugget is fried 20 seconds, but Zable will reveal nothing more about the secret recipe. Fried beer made its debut at the Texas State Fair. And yes, you had to show your ID to “eat” it.



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