"Bull's blood" is the name of a popular red wine in Spain.

Answer: False.

"Bull's blood"—or Egri bikavér—is a popular, well-known dry red wine from Hungary. It is made primarily from kékfrankos (the same grape as blaufränkisch) and kadarka grapes, grown in Eger, which is about halfway between Budapest and Tokaj. Legend has it that the wine dates back to the mid-16th century when the fortress of Eger, which belonged to the Magyars (ancestors of modern Hungarians), was besieged by Turks. Men, women, and reportedly even children fought the Turks fiercely, drinking huge amounts of red wine in the process. Allegedly, when the Turks encountered the Magyars' ferocious fighting skills and saw their red-stained faces, they retreated, fearing that the Magyars obtained their prowess by drinking the blood of bulls.

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