How does a Burgundy barrel compare to a Bordeaux barrel?

A. Burgundy barrels are slightly smaller than Bordeaux barrels

B. Burgundy barrels and Bordeaux barrels are the same; but each is known in its own region by that region’s name

C. Burgundy barrels are generally less toasted than Bordeaux barrels

D. Burgundy barrels are slightly rounder than Bordeaux barrels


A Burgundy barrel is low and squat, and has a deeper, rounder bilge than a Bordeaux barrel. The deeper bilge is designed to allow the spent yeasts (lees) to settle easily. This shape is especially helpful in making white Burgundy (Chardonnay) where extended lees contact leads to wines that have a sense of creaminess (important given the high acidity of the wines). A Burgundy barrel is 228 liters in capacity. A Bordeaux barrel longer and more sleek than a Burgundy barrel. It is 225 liters in capacity.

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