Musailaisi wine refers to:

A. An inexpensive sweet white wine made from native grapes in Morocco and Northern Africa

B. A hot, spiced wine that used to be drunk during pagan spring festivals

C. A special wine of the Uyghur people in China

D. A traditional wine made from the juice of tutu berries by the Māori of New Zealand.


Ok this is pretty obscure, but check these ingredients! Musailaisi wine—a special drink of the Uyghurs, a mostly-Muslim, Turkic-speaking ethnic group living in China—is made by cooking local Vitis vinifera grapes with roses, wild berries, saffron, and cloves, along with (sometimes) velvet antler, pigeon blood, and roasted lamb. After cooking, the mixture is strained, poured into jars, and allowed to ferment for about forty days. Brownish in color, and both sweet and bitter, musailaisi is considered to have positive health benefits, and it certainly seems like an antidote to a cold night on the edge of Mongolia.

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