What is caudalie?

A. A type of vegan fining agent used for tannic red wines

B. A unit of measurement of a wine’s length or “finish”

C. The name of a barrel cooper who makes barriques used by all five First Growths

D. A natural wine term for an artisanal wine, meaning “made with care”


Caudalie, from the French word caudal meaning “tail,” is a unit of measurement for the duration of a wine’s aroma on the palate. One caudalie is equal to one second. In Bordeaux, it has been suggested that a great wine has a finish of at least 8 caudalies. And now for those reading this who are cosmetically in the know, yes, Caudalie is also the name of an extremely successful, now global skin care company that was founded in Paris in 1995 by the children of the owners of Château Smith Haut Lafitte in Bordeaux. The luxury skin care line and beauty products are based on natural active ingredients found in grape seeds and vine cuttings.

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