Which of the following grape varieties is not white?

A. Koshu

B. Blauburgunder

C. Hárslevelű

D. Zibibbo


Blauburgunder (blauw-ber-GUN-der) is the German name for pinot noir (yes, Germany and Austria both make pinot noir). Koshu (KO-shoe) is a widely planted Japanese variety. Legend has it that the grape is a cross of a native wild Japanese grape with a vinifera variety that was brought from Eastern Europe to Japan by way of China approximately a thousand years ago. Hárslevelű (HARSH-leh-veh-loo) is an aromatic Hungarian grape that lends a smooth spicy character to the renowned botrytized sweet wine Tokay Aszú. Zibibbo (Zee-BEE-boh) is the Sicilian name for the ancient variety muscat of Alexandria and the source of several famous Sicilian dessert wines.

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