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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for WINE NIGHT—

A One-Hour Fun-Filled Class with Karen MacNeil


Where do I register for WINE NIGHT?

You can register for WINE NIGHT on Eventbrite, here.


Do I need to know a lot about wine to attend?

No, this class is intended for everyone and anyone who loves wine. WINE NIGHT is fun and casual. People of all levels of wine knowledge are welcome.


Where do we meet for WINE NIGHT?

We will be meeting on Zoom. You will receive a confirmation email from Zoom immediately after you register. Please contact us if you don’t receive a link to join the class. You can reach us at:


My friend/partner/significant other wants to join the class. Is it ok if we share a computer or does that person have to pay too?

Each registration fee is for one screen. Have as many people as you’d like join you on your screen. The more the merrier!


I want to give a WINE NIGHT class as a gift. How does that work?

We are thrilled that you want to share the fun of WINE NIGHT! Be sure to put the name and email address of the person receiving the gift in your registration form.


What should I have ready for a WINE NIGHT class?

Just a few simple things: the wine(s), wine glasses, a corkscrew, and your friends. We also think it’s a good idea to have some water (for drinking) and maybe some bread or crackers. And don’t forget to chill any white or sparkling wines ahead of time!


Should I prepare any food to eat?

It’s not necessary to have food to eat during the class. But lots of WINE NIGHTers make dinner together after the class. Your registration will come with a link to our favorite recipe for that class.


How many wines will we taste?

Karen will taste three wines during every class. The wines are chosen to illustrate some of the ideas she’s going to talk about. We will provide you with a link to purchase those wines ahead of time from our wine retail partner, Gary’s Wine & Marketplace. But you don’t have to taste the exact same three wines Karen is tasting. You can buy and taste just one of the wines, or any other wine on the same subject. So, for example, on NAPA WINE NIGHT, please choose any Napa wine  you’d like, or buy the wines ahead from Gary’s and taste what Karen is tasting.


Are there minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes, since we will be tasting wines together, the minimum age is 21 to participate.


Can I video the event and/or take photos?

You may take photos; we ask that you don’t video the class.


Something has come up. Can I cancel my registration?

Yes, we understand life has unexpected surprises. You can cancel the class up to 24 hours ahead of the start of WINE NIGHT. To receive a refund, follow the Eventbrite procedure to process refunds. (No refunds on the wine—you’ll just have to enjoy those bottles!)


I can’t take this class with Karen. Does she offer other classes elsewhere?

Karen conducts private wine classes for individuals and businesses. Please contact our office for more information at


I am not ready to book this class, but I would like more information. How can I contact you with questions?

Email us your questions at

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