And Christ Cried

Made primarily from the white grapes code di volpe and verdeca and the red grapes piedirosso and aglianico grown on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, Lacryma Christi—Tears of Christ—is one of Campania’s most recognized wines (red, white and sparkling versions are all made). There are several stories behind the name. One says that as Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, he looked down at the beautiful Bay of Naples and  cried. His tears landed on Mt. Vesuvius, where vines miraculously sprang up. Another story suggests that when Lucifer fell from heaven, Christ was sad and cried tears that landed on Mt. Vesuvius, again producing the miraculous vines. A third, far less miraculous story recounts that local monks lacking modern filtering equipment passed the wine through canvas, causing it to fall in drops (like tears).

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