Back to the Future

While it’s tempting to think of California as a new wine region, the state has dozens of historic vineyards with gnarled vines that are 50 to 100 years-old—or even more. Preserving these oldsters is the job of the Historic Vineyard Society.  A non-profit group, the HVS considers old vines a critical part of California’s agricultural legacy. Mike Dildine, a board member, says it best: “Historic vineyards are irreparable survivors that have lived through the ravages of phylloxera, economic downturns, fluctuations in consumer tastes, prohibition and global conflicts. They provide a living repository of genetic material, and a living window on the past.  Most importantly, historic vineyards are beautiful California landmarks and make uniquely delicious wines that continue to delight wine lovers throughout California and the world.” You can make a tax deductible donation to save California’s heritage vines here.

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