Bottles You Could Bench Press

Maybe you’ve noticed–wine bottles continue to bulk up. A standard high shouldered wine bottle weighs, on average, 2.75 pounds, but some wine bottles today weigh as much as 3.8 pounds. Several studies suggest that for everyday wine buyers, heavy wine bottles signify high-quality wine inside. In fact, for average consumers, the heavier the bottle, the better. (Collectors and pros aren’t as likely to be swayed. And for sommeliers, trying to pouring a leviathan bottle while precariously reaching over someone’s shoulder is nerve wracking to say the least.) Still, many of us apply a weight-quality correlation to a range of products, from remote controls to car keys.  Fascinatingly (and despite our tendency to equate weight and quality), while wine bottles have gotten heavier, glassware has gotten lighter. What’s the heaviest wine bottle you know of? Tell us at

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