Here with a few items we’ve filed under the heading Don’t-Taste. (And, yes, the following all exist).

  • Pinot Meow—Wine for your kitty. (You’d think cat-pissy sauvignon blanc would have been the first feline varietal but, hey, cats are cool; they prefer pinot).
  • Bacon Vodka—Curious to try it? Absolut makes one. (Personally, we think Bacon Vodka ties with Fruit Loops Vodka for the TBD (Truly Bad Idea) Award.
  • Edible Wine Glasses—Riedel must be kicking themselves over missing this obvious opportunity. Solves the wineglasses-don’t-fit-in-the-dishwasher problem.
  • Brussel Sprout Soda—Taking the “grown up soda” notion a wee bit too far.
  • Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt—Oh those opportunistic food marketers… poised and ready for global warming.

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