“I’ll Have the Special, Thanks”

So there you are—staring at a menu item that reads “Prawns Human Taste” (ah: Hunan Taste?)   According to Atlas Obscura’s fantastic piece, “Why Menu Translations Go Terribly Wrong,” these aren’t just typos. Translating the names of dishes that exist within a cultural context can be next to impossible. Some entertaining (and delicious) examples:

  • Steak on the Way Home
  • Battered Brains
  • Vegetarian Meat Floss
  • Climbing with a Hen
  • Sautéed Happy Family
  • Sad Cold Noodles
  • Lamp, Immaculately Grilled
  • Mediterranean Risotto with Smallpox
  • Nuts of Saint Jacques
  • Chicken with Special Needs

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