Pumpkin Pie Must-Try Wine

Halloween got us thinking about pumpkins, which led to enticing visions of pumpkin pie. Which led to the question, what’s the best wine to have with pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? My vote (you really must try this): Tokaji Aszú. Tokaji (pronounced toe KIGH), as it is simply known, is as savory and refreshing as it is sweet. Indeed, the wine may well be the most truly balanced wine in the world for it registers on every sensory dimension–sweet, salty, tart, spicy, bitter, and savory. That’s why it is so good with pumpkin pie which, ditto, is more than just sweet. Great Tokaji has energy and edginess. It’s long and vivid with an appealing spiciness, hints of dried orange peel and apricot, and a rich sappiness in the middle. Try ROYAL TOKAJI COMPANY’s Tokaji Aszú from the famous “First Class” vineyard called Betsek.

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