Taste That Sound!

Did you know that what a food sounds like can also determine how good it tastes? Oxford University professor Charles Spence has shown that Pringles potato chips taste better if they sound noisier when you bite into them. Interestingly, he has also demonstrated that a person’s perception of how fizzy a carbonated drink appears to be can be modified by changing the fizzy sound. Perhaps that’s no surprise. After all, who can deny the charming hiss of Champagne being poured into the glass? Even the sound of a food’s or drink’s packaging can influence our perceptions of its flavor and quality. The pop of a Champagne cork? – totally appealing. So is the multi-sensory food and wine pairing of potato chips and sparkling wine.  Opportunity knocks: National Potato Chip Day is next Tuesday (March 14). Time to buy a big bag and break out the bubbles.

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