“Karen, is there a way to refresh your palate between tasting different kinds of wines? Water doesn’t always seem to do it.” –Alison H. (Tucson, AZ)

Alison, you’re right. Sometimes water alone doesn’t do the trick when you’re trying to “reset” your palate between tasting wildly different kinds of wine. So, what helps besides time? Some pros find that tiny bites of roast beef work. I’ve also heard that celery can be helpful, but when I tried that, I found that the green flavors threw my palate off more. I’ve also tried various crackers that are specifically marketed as palate cleansers but so far, I have not found any that work (and many taste awful). For me, the only thing that does help is a bite of a plain French baguette and an unflavored sparkling water with aggressive bubbles (like Perrier). Anybody else have any good suggestions? Tell us here.

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