“I keep hearing about not holding my wine glass by the bowl because it will warm my wine. I can't understand how holding the glass by my fingertips, some of those fingertips above the level of the wine, could change the temperature of the glass significantly, let alone the liquid inside it. I could understand warming my Chardonnay that's too cold by holding the bowl with my palms but no one unintentionally holds their glass that way. Can you clarify this for me?” —Stephen O. (Kansas City, Missouri)

Stephen, I’m with you. I’ve never read any numerical data on this, but I, too, find the “warming argument” hard to believe—unless one had exceptionally sweaty fingers (?). I think the injunction against holding the bowl for temperature reasons might actually have been a bit of a ruse to remind people to hold a wineglass by the stem, which then allowed you to swirl the wine more easily (and more elegantly). Hey WineSpeed readers: anyone have another theory?

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