A clear brandy (EAU-DE-VIE in French) made by distilling the POMACE left over after MUST or wine is pressed. Grappa di monovitigno is a grappa from a single grape variety, such as moscato or picolit.… Continue reading


A descriptive term for the green flavors and AROMAS reminiscent of just-cut grass, meadows, fields of hay, and the like. The VARIETAL most often described as grassy is sauvignon blanc.


A flavor in wine generally associated with those of grass, moss, or vegetables. Also a flavor found in wines made from underripe grapes. A certain amount of greenness can be characteristic of, and therefore positive… Continue reading

Grosse Lage

A term used by members of the VDP in Germany to indicate a vineyard that is of the highest quality. The term roughly corresponds to the Burgundian term Grand Cru. The term Grosse Lage will… Continue reading

Grosses Gewӓchs

The VDP term for a dry wine from a vineyard designated Grosse Lage, or of the highest quality.


One of approximately 167 collections of vineyards. Germany’s 13 wine regions are officially broken down into 39 BEREICHE, which in turn are broken down into 167 grosslagen (the plural of grosslage), which are broken down… Continue reading


The taste or smell suggested by wet metal. Often used to describe sauvignon blancs, particularly OLD WORLD ones.

Ghost Winery

Ghost winery is a nickname for a dormant, deserted winery. Although the California wine industry is thriving today, at the turn of the 20th century, the combined hardships of Prohibition, phylloxera, and the 1929 stock… Continue reading


Also called glycerol, glycerine is a colorless, odorless, slightly sweet, oily substance that is a minor by-product of FERMENTATION. Though often commented on by tasters, glycerine probably makes no more than a negligible contribution to… Continue reading


A term used by members of the VDP to indicate the wine comes from a good but not great quality vineyard owned by the winery. See VDP.


The traditional barrels, which hold about 140 liters of wine, used to make Tokay Aszú (named after the village of Gönc, known for its barrel makers).