Just an Apéritif? Mais, Non!

One of the biggest misconceptions about Champagne is that it should be drunk solely as an apéritif. Just the opposite! Champagne belongs solidly on the dinner table, for it’s one of the best partners food could have. The fresh acidity and enlivening bubbles cut through a food’s richness, cleansing the palate. And nothing balances saltiness and spice better. Plus, Champagne has a purity that makes it an excellent match with very pure foods (think sushi).

Some of our favorite matches:

Creamy cheeses
(brie, camembert, triple-crèmes)

Potato chips  ◦  Fried chicken

Burgers  ◦  Grilled shrimp  ◦  Sushi

Stir fry  ◦  Risotto  ◦  Curries

Chicken Salad  ◦  Quiche


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