Why I Drink Champagne Every Night

It’s true. I drink a glass of Champagne every single night. A bottle lasts me several days (after pouring a glass, I use a Champagne stopper to keep the bubbles in). I don’t find drinking a glass to be an extravagance–just my own one necessary indulgence. Why do I do it?

o Because I like the snappiness, raciness and energy of Champagne.

o Because it’s full of mineral flavors. And minerals are like micro explosions on the palate.

o Because it doesn’t have new oak flavors.

o Because it goes with virtually every food imaginable.

o Because it’s sleek and taut on the palate—not heavy.

o Because there’s a purity and precision to Champagne that so few other wines possess.

o Because it separates day from night. A demarcation. I like it when every evening has its own beginning.


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