Avocado Toast, the snack that for years now, has been a popular favorite in cafes around the U.S., is originally from what country?

A. Mexico

B. Cuba

C. Australia

D. South Africa


Avocado toast was first served by Australian restaurateur Bill Granger 26 years ago in a corner breakfast café in Sydney. Since its inception, the dish has become a global phenomenon, characteristic of the rising popularity of Australian-style breakfasts and brunches among millennials. Granger may have been the first Australian to put avocado toast on a menu, but he was no means the first Australian to put the two things together. Sir W.W. Cairns, the Governor of Queensland from 1875-1877, told colleagues he was very fond of the fruit for breakfast, and he used to eat it “spread on bread, with pepper and salt to give it some zest.” The British publication The Colonies and India, released an agricultural dispatch in 1891 which included one of the earliest written accounts of bread with avocado (avocadoes at the time were called “alligator pears,”) from Australia’s Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

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