Americans have many common habits and behaviors that people in other countries find unusual. Which of these was recently cited as a “normal” American food behavior that others don’t get?

A. Eating peanut butter when you are a grown-up

B. Rubbing apples to shine them before eating them

C. Putting ketchup on red meats like ground beef

D. Walking around with large cups of coffee to go


According to a “Insider” survey, in most other countries and especially in Europe, coffee is consumed in small quantities, and usually quickly. Think of an Italian standing in a café taking one second to down an espresso. People in other countries find it strange that in the U.S. people drink huge cups of coffee and take them to go. For the record, we think it’s perfectly fine to eat peanut butter when you’re over 10 years old, but we draw the line at marshmallow fluff.

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