Besides wine, certain foods and dishes have been known to age (or at least stick around) for a half century or more. Which of the following 100-year-old foods still exists and is on display in a museum:

A. A tray of sushi

B. A wedding cake

C. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich

D. A pizza


An elaborate four-tiered wedding cake has remained uncut since it was made in 1898. The confection was made by Charles H. Philpott soon after he and his wife opened their family bakery—C.H. Philpott, Baker and Confectioner—in Basingstoke, England. For 66 years after the bakery’s opening, the Philpotts displayed the cake in the shop window, before moving it to their home in 1964 when the bakery closed. In 1995, almost a century after it was first baked and displayed, the Philpotts’ daughter donated the antique cake to the local Willis Museum. The cake is now displayed in the museum, under constant monitoring to ensure it stays intact.

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