A remarkable species of fish is named after a spirit. Is that spirit:

A. Scotch

B. Gin

C. Tequila

D. Rum


The tequila fish, prevalent in a single river near the Tequila volcano in Jalisco, Mexico, went extinct from the wild in 2003. Scientists at Michoacán University’s Aquatic Biology Unit knew the tequila fish played an important role in the river’s delicate ecosystem—eating dengue-spreading mosquitoes and serving as a food source for larger fish and birds. Only five pairs of tequila fish remained in captivity at England’s Chester Zoo. After the Mexican fish disappeared from its natural habitat, the team attempted reintroducing the species back into the wild. Now, almost two decades later, a thriving population of tequila fish, are once again swimming in the Teuchitlán River.

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