Pairing Wine & Cheese—Karen’s 5 Easy Tips


There seems to be no better pairing than wine and cheese. Here, Karen MacNeil explains the do’s and don’t’s of this classic duo.

Number 1: White wine and rosé are your friends—use their crisp, snappy acidity to cut through cheese’s delicious fat.

Number 2: Sparkling wine and a creamy cheese go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Number 3: Hard cheeses, such as Manchego are like a good white shirt—we all need one. Hard cheeses go with almost everything.

Number 4: The funkiest cheeses that rarely go with wine? Washed-rind and blue cheese. While delicious on their own, they often do not do well with a glass of vino.

Number 5: Aged cheeses are the perfect companion for structured, bold reds.

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