Which of the following Bordeaux wines is never sweet?

A. Sauternes

B. Barsac

C. Cadillac

D. Fronsac


Fronsac, from the appellation Fronsac located near Pomerol and Saint-Émilion, is a well-priced dry red wine made from merlot and cabernet franc grapes. But the three others—Sauternes, Barsac, and Cadillac—are all legendary sweet wines made in their eponymous respective appellations.  All three appellations are located in the southeast corner of Bordeaux, along the Garonne River.  And all three wines are made from grapes that have been attacked, shriveled and concentrated by the so-called “noble rot,” Botrytis cinerea.  Those grapes are semillon and sauvignon blanc, sometimes with a little muscadelle added for the floral aromas it imparts to the blend.

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