Which of the following was a question on the Theory part of the Institute of Masters of Wine 2022 Stage One Assessment Exam (the initial exam which determines whether or not candidates are qualified to proceed in the Masters of Wine program)?

A. Discuss the current role and potential future use of hybrids in viticulture

B. Discuss the typical regimen from harvest through aging in the making of a Grand Cru Classé wine

C. Delineate the steps involved in making an oak barrel from forest to final use by a winemaker

D. Discuss how color molecules may influence tannin in the winemaking process


Yes, the Master of Wine Exam is hard. And Question A was just one of the initial “assessment” questions to get into the program. Once a candidate passes to Stage Two,  the difficulty of the questions gets insane. But each year a number of brilliant people do indeed pass. Today there are 418 Masters of Wine working in the wine industry in 30 countries.  The Institute of Masters of Wine was founded in England nearly 70 years ago.

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