Which of the following is technically not part of Burgundy?

A. Côte d’Or

B. Beaujolais

C. Chablis

D. Muscadet


The vineyard area of Muscadet is in the westernmost part of the Loire Valley, not Burgundy. In fact, Muscadet is the leading wine of the Loire by volume. The Côte d’Or in Burgundy is a 30-mile-long limestone escarpment, or ridge, with villages on the eastern side of the slope. This is where Burgundy’s legendary wines come from. Now we get to the tricky part. Although Beaujolais has almost nothing in common with Burgundy, for French administrative purposes, Beaujolais is considered part of Burgundy. And as for Chablis, it is the northernmost subregion of Burgundy; entirely devoted to growing Chardonnay grapes.

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