With the holidays approaching, we thought we would test your food and wine pairing knowledge. Which of these foods does not have a risky relationship with wine?

A. Eggs

B. Cruciferous Vegetables

C. Garlic

D. Bacon


Bacon saves the day again. Bacon is great with wine. In fact, adding bacon to a dish can act as a “bridge” to many wines, including chardonnays that have been made and aged in new oak. Eggs contain sulfur, and release sulfur compounds when cooked, often contributing an off-flavor to wines. Ditto for broccoli, cauliflower, kale and cabbage (cruciferous vegetables) all of which also release sulfur compounds when cooked. And garlic (especially raw garlic) is so pungent and its flavor so persistent on the palate, that accompanying wines often taste hollow by comparison.

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