Think German Riesling, and many people think summer because the wines are so damned refreshing.  But of course, Riesling is drunk all winter long in cold Germany—especially with pork dishes, from pork roasts to pork chops to pork meatballs. Here are three sensational German Rieslings—all are incredible deals and naturally low in alcohol.

DR LOOSEN “Wehlener Sonnenuhr” Riesling Kabinett 2021 (Mosel) $28 Roaring freshness; quince and rocks; dangerously easy to drink. 8.5% abv. 90 pts KM

ROBERT WEIL Riesling Tradition 2021 (Rheingau) $25 Mouthwatering with bouncy freshness. Citrusy, spicy, juicy, pineappley, can’t stop drinking this! 11% abv. 93 pts KM

MAXIMIN GRÜNHAUS Schloss Riesling 2021 (Mosel) $28 Sparks of minerality. Peaches layered with pears layered with cantaloupe. Smashingly good and thirst quenching. 11.5% abv. 94 pts KM

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