Topikos Oenos (T.O.)

One of the simpler categories of Greek wine, equivalent to PGI in European Union wine laws, or VIN DE PAYS, France’s country wine.


A way of training grapevines that is especially common on heavily windswept Greek islands. The vines are trained in a circle low to the ground (stefáni means “crown”), so that the grapes grow in the… Continue reading


Monastery; several Greek wine estates are located in former monasteries, and several Greek monasteries still produce wine. The word monastiri sometimes appears on the labels of TOPIKOS OENOS wines.


A shallow, two-handled, often beautifully decorated cup from which wine was drunk in antiquity.


In antiquity, a ladle used to scoop wine from the KRATER and transfer it into a KYLIX.


A shallow bronze or pottery bowl used in antiquity to hold wine; wine would be poured from an AMPHORA into a krater to be served.


Estate; can appear on the labels of TOPIKOS OENOS wines.

Epitrapezios Oenos (E.O.)

The simplest category of Greek wine, equivalent to VIN DE TABLE, or TABLE WINE, in France.


A word appearing on the labels of TOPIKOS OENOS, or PGI, wines, archondiko roughly translates to CHÂTEAU.


An earthenware vessel used by the ancient Greeks and other Mediterranean people to store and ship wine. An amphora was oval in shape, with two large handles at the top for carrying and a pointed… Continue reading