Single Quinta

“Single farm” in Portuguese. It is used to refer to a specific vineyard and to a wine estate. Single Quinta Ports come from grapes grown on a single estate in a single year in the… Continue reading


Used in reference to Portuguese still wines, the word garrafeira indicates a wine of especially high quality. But the word also means wine cellar or bottle cellar (from the Portuguese garrafa—bottle). In addition garrafeira is… Continue reading


The Portuguese term for the step in the process of making Madeira that involves heating the wine. Depending on the quality of the Madeira being produced, there are several estufagem methods. The most basic involves… Continue reading


Translated as “choice,” it is used on labels to denote “special selection” wines in Portugal.

Cuba de Calor

A method of making fortified base wine for inexpensive Madeiras that involves heating the base wine in large vats fitted with serpentine-shaped, stainless steel heating coils very slowly over a period of 3-6 months.


Literally, harvest. However, colheita is also the name for an aged tawny Port from a single harvest. Colheita Ports are rare.


Denotes a white wine.