The Spanish name for “butts”–600-liter (160-gallon) American-oak casks used in Jerez for aging Sherry.  Botas are usually painted with a water-based, jet-black matte paint, which is not only aesthetically striking, but makes it easier to… Continue reading


Literally means vineyard, but the word viña is often used as part of a brand name as, for example, in Viña Arana.

Vino da Arrosto

Wine for a roast, implying a red that is FULL-BODIED and has a deep COLOR.




Country manor, often one where wine is produced.

Txakoli (sha-ko-LEE)

Txakoli is made from the indigenous white grape called hondurrabi zuri. Zuri means white in Basque; hondurrabi is a village near the French border. Dry as a bone, and extremely sleek on the palate, txakoli… Continue reading

Txakolina (shack-o-LEE-na)

In Basque, technically translates to “place of txakoli.” Txakolina is a type of fresh white wine made in Spain’s Basque Country. Considered a fantastic match for sharp cheeses, Serrano ham, and any sort of seafood,… Continue reading


In Sherry production, the term for the period of time a new wine spends before it goes into the solera. The sobretable is usually 6 to 8 months, but ooccassionally up to a year.