The Spanish name for “butts”–600-liter (160-gallon) American-oak casks used in Jerez for aging Sherry.  Botas are usually painted with a water-based, jet-black matte paint, which is not only aesthetically striking, but makes it easier to… Continue reading


Literally means vineyard, but the word viña is often used as part of a brand name as, for example, in Viña Arana.

Vino da Arrosto

Wine for a roast, implying a red that is FULL-BODIED and has a deep COLOR.




Country manor, often one where wine is produced.

Txakoli (sha-ko-LEE)

Txakoli is made from the indigenous white grape called hondurrabi zuri. Zuri means white in Basque; hondurrabi is a village near the French border. Dry as a bone, and extremely sleek on the palate, txakoli… Continue reading

Txakolina (shack-o-LEE-na)

In Basque, technically translates to “place of txakoli.” Txakolina is a type of fresh white wine made in Spain’s Basque Country. Considered a fantastic match for sharp cheeses, Serrano ham, and any sort of seafood,… Continue reading


In Sherry production, the term for the period of time a new wine spends before it goes into the solera. The sobretable is usually 6 to 8 months, but ooccassionally up to a year.


Complex network of barrels used for aging Sherry by progressively blending younger wines into older wines. Since the barrels are not completely filled, the wine is allowed to be gently subjected to OXIDIZATION during the… Continue reading


DRY. However, when sec appears on a Champagne or SPARKLING WINE label, the wine inside will be medium sweet to sweet.