The word ice is usually used along with the word wine, as in ice wine (or eiswein). But ice can be used alone, as in “Riesling Ice.” A wine that is described simply as “ice”… Continue reading

Imbottigliato all’Origine

Bottled at the source; the term may be used only by estates that produce and bottle the wine on the property where the grapes were grown.

Imbottigliato da

Bottled by, which will be followed by the producer’s name; does not denote an ESTATE BOTTLED wine.

IRF Scale

A scale created to indicate how dry or sweet a riesling tastes. Created by the International Riesling Foundation (IRF) in 2007, the chart (which appears on the back label of many riesling wines globally) shows… Continue reading


A gelatinous material, obtained from—get ready—the air bladders of sturgeon and other fish. Isinglass is sometimes used in fining wine to clarify and/or soften the texture of wine. Happily enough, it’s removed before bottling.