The New Four-Letter Word: Ripe

The wine industry’s new four letter word is ripe. Listen to any vintner or winemaker talk about their style of wine, and no matter what that style actually is, the resulting wine is said to… Continue reading

Beyond Seduction

Wine has often been the beverage of seduction, no surprise there. But the other day, I read a fascinating study which that suggests that a person’s behavior when drunk is similar to that of a person… Continue reading

On the Madness of Wine and Language

Wine’s closest companion for the last 8,000 years has been food. The two are so close that they are often thought of as inseparable. In Italy for example, when someone drinks too much, they don’t say,… Continue reading

What Green Means

Anyone who has tasted a group of sauvignon blancs has probably written the word green 15 times on their tasting sheet. (I certainly have). But it’s clearly ridiculous to use the single word green to… Continue reading